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12% of South African children under the age of 4 are orphans

74% of South African children do not receive ECD services

64% of South African children live in poverty

40% of South African children are exposed to harsh living conditions, neglect, and lack of stimulation

35% of South African children drop out of school before grade 3

An introduction to KICK

KICK is a registered Non-Profit Organization [085-698-NPO] that was formed in 2006 with a vision to impact the lives of children in South Africa. It's aim is to unite young children, equipping and empowering them to have the confidence and authority to believe that they can make a difference in our nation!


We are passionate about South Africa and providing hope for its young children because we believe that through KICK we are impacting the future leaders of this nation – educating them, inspiring them and birthing in them a desire to see our country flourish! KICK believes that education is the future of our country, and early intervention is imperative. 



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